Friday, October 8, 2010

Evaluating My GAME Plan Progress

As I look at what I am doing toward reaching my goals, I am moving along. I have a good understanding of the content and the direction I am headed. I have found some resources that have proved to be valuable to me. The technology teacher continues to be interested in how I plan to use technology to enhance student involvement and understanding. He wants me to join the tech team as they go to a demonstration on a new projector that works similar to a smart board, but projects on the wall and white board. The cost is a fraction of the whiteboard. I don’t know much about this new technology but I am skeptical about it being interactive. If it is as good as the smart board I hope they purchase enough for everyone in the high school that wants to learn how to use it.

The resources and information that I have received from the course text, DVD and discussion threads have increased my confidence. Through the course text and DVD, I have learned many strategies that will allow me to use technology to enrich learning experiences. Applying skills from courses, I have developed a web page that will support students academically by allowing parents to access the site from home and keeping updated on information from school. Students have been very helpful in suggesting what information they like to see on the web page.

The biggest question facing my school district is “Can the school district afford to fund the technology needed to incorporate 21st century skills into the content area”?


  1. Nancy,

    The question "Can my school district afford the technology?" is part of my experience to incorporate technology in my classroom. I think the most frustrating part of being part of this program is that my school is years behind when it comes to technology.

    I agree that this course is so helpful when it comes to gaining knowledge and confidence when using technology. It seems that there is no technology that I will not try in my class.

    Good luck with your website and interactive whiteboard!


  2. Nancy,

    Is the Smartboard-like projector called "Mimio"? If so, it can be a valuable tool to use in the classroom. Although the technology you speak of may not be as interactive as a Smartboard, it is still better than an overhead projector and transparencies.
    I think many educators have the same question as you. Funding of technology will only increase when people are shown the benefits outweigh the costs and when it is not attached with certain stigmas. Many people still feel that technology in the classroom means computer games only. They feel that technology is merely a diversion and not conducive to learning. Those are the people whose perspective need to be changed.

  3. Jody,

    I believe it is the "Mimio". I am glad to hear that it can still me a good tool. My big frustration is that they have provided Smartboards to all the teachers in K-6 and now want to give us this Mimio. Who do you think would benefit more from the Smartboards? I know that some teachers are still using their Smartboards as glorified overheads. I am frustrated because I would like to use some of the great tools I have learned about through this class in my lessons.


  4. Nancy,

    I often wonder if the districts will ever be able to stay current with the technology that they need. Unfortunately, many schools are not even equipped with the most basic technology. You are doing a wonderful job at working towards your GAME plan.


  5. Nancy,

    What type of technology is your school trying out? I think that it's wonderful that you are able to work with the tech person at the school and collabrate with him on things to progress yourself.

    I think that your question in regards to the school district being able to financially support the advancing technological times is a valid question and faces every school district now days.

    Anyway, sounds like your GAME plan is on track.

    Good luck,