Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reviewing My GAME Plan

In order to accomplish my goal to provide parents, as well as students, a site they can visit, and have classroom information readily available to them, I have begun creating my web page through the service provided to all teachers at my school. I went to Dave our head computer support advisor and he was more than happy to give me step by step directions of how to log on and begin creating my website. The directions were so easy to follow, within no time I was filling in images and information for students and parents. I included the usually teacher background, a page for each class and some fun games and tutorial links. There is a spot for blogging in each class, but I’m not sure what to blog about. Ideas? I plan on talking with other teachers at school to find out what they include on their pages. I know some post all of their notes on their web page.

The second goal, learn to create power point presentations that include audio and visual, has not progressed as well as my first goal. I will go back to Dave and see if he has a nice tutorial for power points and I plan to talk with the technology teacher this week some time. The problem I have is that my school is so spread out I don’t have a chance during the day to get down to his lab. I am going to have to find the time. The two students who were going to help me have both found after school jobs so now I am looking for new resources from my “digital age” students.

I feel I am on my way to bringing technology in to my comfort zone.


  1. Nancy,

    What do you teach? I teach reading and I created a classroom blog last year to review any reading skills that we had learned. I made it into a competetion and had a question of the day. Students had to be responsible in answering the blog during their free time. The class with the most correct answers won for that day. At the end of the six weeks the winner overall got ice cream. This was a fun way to review and students loved being able to login in and blog, even though it was about a reading skill. Hope this helps!

    Linzie Humphrey

  2. Nancy,

    I'm happy that Dave was able to help youa nd you found everythign pretty easy to use. As far as a blog is concerned, I use a blog with my classes and I have found it useful to post reviews and BONUS questions (that are fun though). For math, you could post fun mathematical questions that you can then bring back into the classroom or you can post BONUS questions that the kids have to work out. Another thing that I post there are general questions that I don't speak about in class but I always include on the test. Although it's a manipulative motivation factor, the kids get into it and return to the blog and they post their own theories and ideas about what I post. As the time goes on, the students beign to post their own 'brain teasers' and it becomes an enjoyable place rather than just another 'work' item.

    Good Luck,

  3. Linzie and Jessica,

    Thanks for the ideas. I found some great math cartoons and posted one on my blogg and asked the students to comment on their interpretations of the cartoon. The students have been slow in responding but not all of them are comfortable blogging yet...Hopefully they will get hooked as the year progresses.