Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Voice Thread

I have created this voice thread as an assignment for Walden University. I would like to have your opinion on the best place to mount the new smart board I will be getting next year. Here is my link.


  1. Nancy,

    You certainly do have a large dilemma on where to put your projector and new SmartBoard. I can’t believe that your district has not removed the asbestos in your school. Out of curiosity, how large is your school?

    Given your situation, I believe your best option would be to remove one of your white boards (probably one that is used less often) and place your SmartBoard where your white board was. This is what has been done in many of the classrooms in my school and the teachers are still able to do the same writing and demonstrating (if not more!) that they did on their white boards right on their new SmartBoards. Even though this is difficult, I would probably still have the projector mounted on the ceiling and look into any grants that may be available to cover the funds to do this. From experience, I know how difficult it is to have a projector on a cart and have to constantly move it into position when I needed it and then move it out of the way when I didn’t. By the looks from some of your pictures, I see other teachers in your school are experiencing the same thing. By having the projector on the ceiling, you would be saving yourself a lot of class time as you wouldn’t have to constantly be moving the projector.

    While we all know how useful technology can be in education, you have a prime example of how something so useful can cause such a large problem.

    Best of luck to you!


  2. Nancy,

    It sounds like you have a tricky situation. Have you been told what type of projector you will get? The best for you would be on that is mounted with the board as a single piece.

    An idea that you might want to keep in mind is taht you will be using the internet while teaching lessons with your smartboard. If you don't have wireless in your classroom then I would suggest placing the board near your internet hook up. The desks can always be moved around but the internet hook up can't without a bunch of wires all over. Ask other teachers in your building to come take a look and learn from what they wish they could change.

    Best of luck with your new smartboard!